Privacy Policy

  1. When you download and use our taxi hub App, we may collect personal information about you, including your credit card or payment details. Ordinarily, we tell you the purposes for which we collect that information when it is collected. As a general rule, we only collect such information which is necessary for us to provide our Service to you or to maintain our relationship with you.


  1. Your personal information will not be shared by us with any other person or organisation, except our related bodies corporate, licensees, drivers and suppliers, so that we may adopt an integrated approach to our customers. We will not disclose your personal information to overseas recipients.



  1. Our privacy policy sets out how we collect and deal with personal information generally, including our use of cookies on your device. Our privacy policy contains information about how you may access your personal information that is held by us and seek the correction of that information, as well as, information about how you may complain about any breach of the Privacy Principles by us.  If you have any queries about the collection, storage, use or disclosure of your personal information by us please contact us at privacy viaEmail:


  1. By downloading and using the taxi hub App you acknowledge and agree with our Privacy Policy, and consent for us to collect and disclose your personal information as necessary to provide our Service to you.